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Level up your teams' skills at applying behavioral insights to solve tough challenges

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Our courses will provide you with a foundation of scientific thinking, key theories from behavioral science and the BEworks method which will empower you to adapt insights to any challenge.

All our courses are designed to take you on a learning journey that starts with theory, and ends with a rich understanding of how these concepts can be applied.

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Flexible Learning Options

Find the experience that's right for you

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Taught by BEworks expert practitioners, you will get to interact with instructors and fellow classmates as you work through the materials.

Instructor led courses are held at set dates and times.

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Learn when and where you want. Our self-paced courses are developed by BEworks expert practitioners and provide the most flexibility in your learning experience.

Self-paced courses are available at any time, and you can access the course for 6 months following purchase.

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Hybrid Course

A hybrid of instructor led and self-paced, watch short videos and practice applying insights on your own, and join live sessions and discussion boards to engage with the broader community.

Cohort courses are held during set windows and will include some scheduled live events.

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Our Clients

BEWorks Academy Client
BEWorks Academy Client
BEWorks Academy Client
BEWorks Academy Client
BEWorks Academy Client
BEWorks Academy Client
BEWorks Academy Client
BEWorks Academy Client
This reset my curiosity button, purged many of my unfounded assumptions and rekindled my fascination with the science of decision-making.
President, GWP Brand Engineering
Thank you, BEworks for generating a mental short circuit in us. It made me think of, and see, different ways to approach human thinking.
CMO, Equivada

This was a fantastic day, jam-packed with practical information that I definitely can use in my day-to-day role.

Marketing Manager, Manulife

We launched an international search for a firm with the capabilities of BEworks. Their team’s unparalleled skillset, thoughtful analysis, and creative insights have paid big dividends.

CMO of U.S. Mortgage Lender
BEWorks Academy BG

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Our courses are led by expert practitioners who know how to apply behavioral insights to real-world challenges.

Our courses will equip you with:

  • Practical insights
  • Real world examples
  • Reference tools
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