BE & Marketing Workshop (Instructor Led)

Elevate your Marketing Strategy with Behavioral Insights

This workshop is designed to augment existing marketing strategy, question the traditional intuition based approach and help you drive innovation through the use of Behavioral Economics (BE).

It’s a game changer – we promise.

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Course Details

Coming soon
1 day

Looking at the Big Picture

  • The Purpose of Marketing
  • Challenges with Intuition-Driven Marketing

A BE approach to marketing

  • Foundational principles of BE and how they apply to marketing

Practice your skills

  • Conduct a Behavioral Audit on an advertising campaign

BE and Other Methods

  • A BE approach to market research
  • Behaviorally Informed Segmentation

This workshop is suitable for Marketers of all levels.

Coming soon
Instructor-Led Online
1 day

What you'll learn

  • What drives customer behavior
    What are the biases and heuristics that influence customer behavior
  • How to apply insights
    How can you incorporate behavioral interventions to drive better business outcomes
  • The value of scientific thinking
    How taking a scientific approach can elevate your strategy
  • How to conduct a Behavioral Audit
    Learn how to evaluate marketing materials from a behavioral perspective
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Speak with an Advisor!

This reset my curiosity button, purged many of my unfounded assumptions and rekindled my fascination with the science of decision-making.
President, GWP Brand Engineering
Thank you, BEworks for generating a mental short circuit in us. It made me think of, and see, different ways to approach human thinking.
CMO, Equivada

This was a fantastic day, jam-packed with practical information that I definitely can use in my day-to-day role.

Marketing Manager, Manulife

We launched an international search for a firm with the capabilities of BEworks. Their team’s unparalleled skillset, thoughtful analysis, and creative insights have paid big dividends.

CMO of U.S. Mortgage Lender
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